Because We’re Yankee Fans, That’s Why!

One of my favorite nephews (yes I have favorites) recently received a gift from his grandparents who had just returned from a trip to New England. This particular gift was a hat with nothing but a large letter “B” on the front. This gift was obviously not from my parents, because they know better, but his maternal grandparents who apparently don’t.  The gift exchange went something like this.

Grandma: “Kaden, we brought you back something.” (Said while pulling out aforementioned hat.)

Kaden: “What does the “B” stand for?

G: “Boston.”

K: “Boston Red Sox?! Yuck!” (Said while slamming hat to the ground.) “We’re Yankee fans!”

Kaden is only 7 years old, and in my opinion a boy genius . This only further proves my point. He is even in an accelerated math class. And math is hard!

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One Response to “Because We’re Yankee Fans, That’s Why!”

  1. pamela  on July 28th, 2009

    Math is hard…very smart kid. LOL

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