A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

When we started our flip-flop challenge, I already knew Sarah was competitive. I also love a good contest so clearly we are kindred spirits. How else do you explain how we managed to turn a tasty pudding treat into the face-off of the year, complete with judges?

So far both sides have played fair. Until now. I had my doubts that the giant Rice Krispie treat she gave me after my lasik surgery was a sincere gesture. She knew I couldn’t work out for a week after surgery and it would be the perfect ploy to send a few extra calories my way. Was she trying to fatten me up a little? (p.s. Sarah, it didn’t work. I gained nothing!) Now I have proof of her diabolical plan.

Maybe she didn’t notice that I was being so gracious and sharing my treat. Two can play at this game.

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