Super Gleek

So in case you haven’t heard, FOX has a new comedy all about life in the lower rungs of the Glee Club. And in case you missed last night’s premiere you may not know that it is my new favorite show on television. I was born to be on this show. They sing, they dance, they are overly dramatic. Hello! Imitate my life much?

Since they cast it without my knowledge I am going to have to settle on watching it like the rest of you. But that won’t stop me from exhibiting my inner gleek and performing my favorite songs for Mr. S. around the house. One of which is the cover they did of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin.” I couldn’t find a video version so this will have to do.

And if you find yourself singing along, I am in need of backup singers. Contact me for audition information.

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One Response to “Super Gleek”

  1. littlefergywife  on September 10th, 2009

    I will now go and watch full episodes of this online; you have found a way to fill my afternoon schedual of bed rest.

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