So I Think I Can Dance!!

This past weekend a few of my fellow dance teachers and I attended a dance convention in Vegas, The Pulse. The convention consisted of 2 days of master classes taught by some of the SYTYCD choreographers- Mia Michaels, Tyce D’Orio, Shane Sparks – as well as Cris Judd, Dave Scott and Laurie Ann Gibson. This was quite a treat for me! I love that show and I loved this experience even more. Dance has always been such a big part of my life and I am grateful for any opportunity to continue dancing and taking what I learn back to my own classes as I teach the next generation of dancers.

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2 Responses to “So I Think I Can Dance!!”

  1. Kristin and Steve  on November 13th, 2008

    even I appreciate mia. Did you get to touch her? Can I touch you?

  2. R + M  on November 13th, 2008

    Oh I got to touch her alright! And the next time I see you, if there is still a bit of Mia magic left on me, you may touch me!

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