Small and Super Things #1

I started today off feeling pretty good about things. The sun was shining, there were baked goods in the breakroom, and despite leaving the braid in my hair from yesterday I still look good. What can I say, spring agrees with me. Then I managed to erase a whole lot of very important information from clients’ files. And by erase, I mean deleted. Irretrievable. Gone into a dark abyss never to return. Yay me!

Through another friend’s blog, I have recently been acquainted with Grace in Small Things. I like the idea of finding the small and simple things to be grateful for in everyday life. I once tried to keep a gratitude journal at the request of Oprah, but I’ve never been great at writing with an actual pen into a book. Thank goodness for blogging. It’s like I’m keeping a journal, but with none of the writer’s cramp.

So since today has only gone downhill, I am going to focus on the positive and turn this day around. Don’t count on this being a daily entry but on days when I manage to make a big mistake at work or have another craptastically good day, you will find another dose of Small and Super Things waiting to be read. Comments don’t hurt either.

1- A new flavor of gum: Berry Pearadise.

2-Only 87 more days till my birthday!

3-I still have my job…so far.

4-Spending the weekend being productive and enjoying Easter dinner with my family.

5. The sun is still shining.

As long as #5 is going on, I can’t stay upset at myself for long.

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2 Responses to “Small and Super Things #1”

  1. Sarah  on April 13th, 2009

    Dude that gum is a party in my mouth!

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