Pamper Me Please!

The Sego Lily Day Spa is looking for a blogger and I can think of no reason why it shouldn’t be me. I like being pampered. I would like to be pampered more. All I have to do is write a blog about why I should win and the spa will narrow it down to one lucky winner.

#1-You may notice that this is my first entry on this blog. Though I have another blog I write on more casually I wanted to save the unveiling of my new site for this contest. Are you reading this Sego Lily? That’s how important this contest is to me.

#2-I am still considered a newlywed and you would think that I get plenty of pampering at home. Mr. S is wonderful and shows his love in many ways but when it comes to rubbing my tired feet or giving me a massage, he does it for one reason and one reason only. I don’t think I need to spell it out for you. Speaking of Mr. S…

#3.-My husband is still in school, which means we are living on a budget. He would love to treat me to such indulgences and winning this contest would really put his mind at ease. Just knowing I was receiving the life he wants for me would surely result in less stress and better grades.

#4-Luxury agrees with me. I’m happier, more productive and a lot nicer to strangers after a spa treatment.

#5- I’m a little bit selfish, which I think is a requirement for winning this contest. Selfless people never give in to their desire to spoil themselves for one afternoon. I really don’t think Sego Lily wants an amateur writing for them.

The deadline for the blogger contest is fast approaching, but there is still time for you to enter. You probably won’t beat me, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

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  1. Sarah  on April 8th, 2009

    We both know who is going to win this thing, right? If not please refer to the pudding-off 2009 video.

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