Life Is A Highway And We Rode It For 4 Days

Awww..July 4th. How I love thee. Besides my birthday (more on that to come) and Christmas, the 4th of July is my favorite holiday. I love America. I love fireworks. And I love all things red, white, and blue. I’m especially fond of the new flip-flops I bought this year at Wal-Mart for a mere $3. They were the inspiration behind my new July outfit. I must have been looking too cute to bother with any pictures, but thankfully in Utah the patriotic celebrations last all month long and I will take some pics on the 24th. I love those pioneers too.

The long weekend also meant that Mr. S and I embarked on our 2nd annual July 4th weekend motorcycle trip. This year’s trip took us on almost 900 miles of some of the most beautiful highways in Idaho and Montana. The only hiccup we experienced happened about 16.8 miles in. How can I know down to the tenth of a mile? Because that is when I lost my odometer cable. I also noticed that the speedometer was no longer working. Apparently the two are connected. Who knew.

We made it safely to a Yamaha dealership and once we were assured that it was still safe to ride we continued on. And I left confident that if I did get pulled over, for the first time in my driving career I would finally be able to answer honestly when the officer asked me if I had any idea how fast I was going. I never got my chance.

Here is how the trip broke down –

Day 1: Twin Falls to Riggins, ID. At check-in our hotel offered us complimentary beer. They also welcome pets. Horses included. Day 2: Riggins, ID to Darby, MT. We found the White Bird Battlefield, rode the Nez Perce and Lewis and Clark trails, and were not offered beer at our hotel. But that didn’t matter because Darby is “the best kept secret in Montana.” It’s true. They have street banners that say so. Day 3: Darby, MT to Hailey, ID. In honor of Independence Day we took some time to visit the Veterans Memorial across the street from our hotel in Darby. Then on to Hailey. The only requirement for where we would stay was whether or not there were going to be fireworks. We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast, of which I am now the mayor, and we were able to watch fireworks from the parking lot. Not the greatest display I’ve seen and I did have to sing the patriotic themed songs in my head, but it was sufficient. Day 4: Hailey to Twin Falls to Salt Lake. Only 60 miles on the motorcycles then back to the truck. We picked up Kingston at my sister’s and made it home.I think Kingston had a great time playing with my nieces and nephews, but he was definitely happy to see us. And I him. Apparently my love for my dog is transparent. As I was snuggling with Kingston and telling him how much I missed him my 5 yr old niece asked me, “Are you going to love your babies more than Kingston?” No. Of course not. Maybe? By the way – this is not an announcement of any kind.

Not sure where we will go next year, but I’m kinda hoping I still have an excuse to speed.

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  1. Steph  on July 14th, 2010

    I am totally packing my horse and heading out.

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