A Letter To My Blog

Dear Blog,

When we first started our journey together I had high hopes. I had a goal to write, write and write some more. There would be humor, sarcasm, frustration, dreams. All packaged into a fun blog (you!) that would hopefully evolve into something more.

And then August came.

During the past month I have let you down. I have let your fans down. I have let the blogosphere down. And I have let myself down. It’s not you. It’s totally me! Instead of just writing, I have let a few weeks of writer’s block get in the way of something that could be very special. And as the days have gone by it has been that much harder to reach out to you.

I came up with plenty of excuses.

  • I’m adjusting to the new job.
  • I’m too busy enjoying the last weeks of summer.
  • My DVR hasn’t gotten my attention, why should you? (Project Runway, I will find some time for you soon.)
  • I’m washing my hair.

But we have a good thing going, and I know we can be even better. So today I recommit myself to you. I hope you will accept my sincere apology. Because if you don’t, the fall TV season is only weeks away and soon the DVR will need more time than I have to give.

Love, Me

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