Kingston likes it Hot, HOT, HOT!

Like any new puppy owners, we are trying to figure out what works for us when it comes to disciplining Kingston. He has become quite fond of the plastic chair mat we have in the office and oftentimes will lie on it even if one of us isn’t in the room. I’m guessing it is cooler than carpet during the hot days. And I don’t mind. It’s one of the few places that will be easy to clean if there is a puppy potty training mishap. The part I do mind is that he has also become a fan of chewing on the legs and wheels of our office chair.

So what do we do?

Mr. S decided to ask around. And by ask around I mean seek out suggestions from his Twitter followers. One suggestion that seemed like a good idea was to coat the adored object (in this case our chair legs) with hot sauce.  I even found a website backing up this option. With the promise that “one taste is all your dog needs to learn his lesson.” The result? Kingston couldn’t have been happier. He licked off every last bit and continued licking Mr. S’ hands until he was sure he had got it all.

I guess being born on Cinco de Mayo has had a bigger effect on him than we thought.

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