A Little Friendly Neighborhood Vandalism

You may not know this about me but I love baseball. Not necessarily playing it, but rooting for the NY Yankees. Being a supporter of the Yankees has its consequences. For instance you are automatically loved or hated right away. No questions asked. The hatred is exponentially increased by Red Sox fans. This is not to say that Red Sox fans and Yankee fans can’t be friends. One of my favorite people in the world lives in Boston. And we get along splendidly.

I happen to have a couple of neighbors that also root for the wrong team. They have both even gone so far as to name their dogs after Fenway Park and David Ortiz. Disgusting, I know! So I thought it would be fun to play a small practical joke on one of them and added a little something to their car window.
picture-14A few days later as I was headed to work I found my car had been “decorated” sometime during the evening.
picture-2Any ideas on what I can do next?

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