Flip Flop Challenge: Week 3…and Other Stuff

After 3 weeks of doing this little contest I am finally seeing some results. Lost a pound. The workouts were nothing to write home about, but I do think I did better as far as the amount of sweets I consumed. Also just found out that my old trainer is in town for a month and teaching a 3-day women’s bootcamp. He has graciously offered to let me come and take it, free of charge. The unfortunate thing is class starts at 5:45…a.m!

I also passed my motorcycle safety class this past weekend. Mr. S is very proud but I think that means he is excited we can start going on some rides together. I still have a long way to go before I feel completely comfortable, but that only comes with time. I named my bike Cherry Pie, and by doing so I know she will take better care of me as we travel the open road.

In puppy news we no longer need to choose between the adorable pups born just 3 weeks ago. Their mother made that decision for us when she rolled on top of one of her sons killing him. It is a sad turn of events but that must mean the brown one is meant for us. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the best son survived.

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