Flip Flop Challenge: Week 2- Even Steven

After a much better second week I am happy to report I am back to my starting weight after loosing the pound I gained during week 1. Not phenomenal success but an improvement.

I had a lot going on and missed my regular dance class on Wednesday, but made up for it by attending my kick boxing class the next day. I call it ‘mine’ but truth be told I haven’t been in months. I love this particular kick box class, but since getting married I have only attended a handful of times. The last one being months ago. As a result I was expecting an ass kicking. Luckily it was much like riding a bike. I was good to go once the music, the adrenaline and my need to get physical kicked in. Pun totally intended. Plus I get very competitive at the gym. Some of those ladies are much older than me and if they can do it so can I!  Others I don’t worry about. I know I could take them if we ended up in a bar fight

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