Flip Flop Challenge: My Lips are Sealed!

When I was in school parent-teacher conferences often went like this:

“Robyn is a really good student, if only she would talk less.”

In high school, I was once even accused of being at fault for another student’s failure. My teacher said I was too entertaining and distracting to my friend and that is why she failed. I’m pretty funny when I want to be. And for the record I passed the class.

Where am I going with all of this? Well, for the first time when someone asks me to “shut-up” I am going to oblige. And no, icicles are not forming in Hell. I just happened to come across some very good advice and I am going to apply it to the fitness challenge I am currently taking part in. Since reading this article I have decided that I will no longer give weekly updates as to my progress. I won’t be telling you that I have made it to the gym two mornings this week, plus a dance class. And I won’t be telling you that I am down another pound. But I will let you know when I have won.

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