Flip Flop Challenge: The Kickoff!

My workmate, Sarah, mentioned yesterday that she was going to stop eating so much sugar and work on losing a couple pounds. I told her ‘good for you’ and took another bite of my mint brownie. Then somehow, within a matter of minutes, it became something we would do together. What!?

I suppose it’s good timing. Bikini season is almost upon us and I have been wanting to pick up my game at the gym. I do need to eat less sweets. And if a pretty prize is involved (we decided the loser buys the winner a cute new pair of flip flops) I could probably handle it. Fine. I’ll do it. I love a challenge and I can totally take her! Plus when I win I get new shoes.

Our first weigh-in was this morning and every Tuesday for the next 3 months. Having a blog is a great place to chart my progress and you can all hold me accountable. Sadly someone in the office ate the healthy Lean Cuisine I brought for lunch and I was forced to go for fast food. Week 1 is not starting off very well. But if you have suggestions on how to take the fat, calories and sugar out of ice cream and oreos I would be forever grateful.

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4 Responses to “Flip Flop Challenge: The Kickoff!”

  1. Don Osmond  on May 5th, 2009

    Best of luck on the challenge!

  2. Sarah  on May 5th, 2009

    You may win after all. This pan of lasagna is incredible. I’ll bring you some tomorrow so we’re even on the fat ass front!

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