While Elite Athletes Were Doing Their Thing At The Olympics, I Was Getting Fat

Hi there. Miss me?

Sorry for my absence but for the last 2 weeks I’ve been planted on my couch every night watching a lot of this:

A lot of this:
And a whole lot of this:
Er…sorry, he’s just so adorable. I meant a lot of this: It has been a wonderful 2 weeks with the USA winning a record number of medals for a Winter Olympic Games, but all that couch potato-ing has got me into a little bit of trouble. I have always considered myself fairly active and even though I tend to carry about 10 more pounds than I would like I never considered it an issue. Until now. My company has decided to start a fitness challenge starting today. To make it fair we are focusing on fat percentage instead of pounds lost. AOL has even received word of our little competition, which you can read about here.

I planned on participating from the start mainly to be a part of the office camaraderie, but after having my fat percentage officially tested in the Bod Pod I am much more of a contender that I would of thought. I think a lot of us in the office were surprised with the results, while a select few couldn’t stop bragging about the fact that they can eat whatever they want. To that I say, eat your cookies and your pizza, tempt me if you think it will make you feel better, but I plan on sticking this out for the full 3 months and taking a shiny new toy home with me when the final results come in. But if you see me curled up in the fetal position gnawing on a carrot, throw me an Oreo or two.

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