Edible Footballs Make Watching The Super Bowl Much Better

I am not a huge NFL fan, and as a result I see about 27 minutes of football all season long.  One game where I make an exception is for the Super Bowl. This is mainly because of the great food, great (and sometimes not so great) commercials, and for the socializing. And since we are regulars at the University of Utah’s football games, I know enough about the game to not embarrass Mr. S. In fact, most of the time I come off as the smartest, non-fan in the room.Loving a good party as much as I do, and knowing how much I love to see a theme carried out, I decided to make these fancy Rice Krispie treats. I was especially proud of the “field” I created with leftover frosting and a piece of green paper. To make your own use Cocoa Krispies instead of the regular ones, hand mold into football shape, and add frosting piping to make the stitching detail.

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One Response to “Edible Footballs Make Watching The Super Bowl Much Better”

  1. Nicole  on February 6th, 2011

    Those look super yummy. Did you see the junk food Super Bowl stadium? I want to make it next year. http://cuteculturechick.tumblr.com/post/3094546081/superbowl-snacks

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