I Am a Dancer and So Much More

For as long as I can remember I have been a dancer. Before I was old enough to start lessons of my own, my mom would take me with her to my older sisters’ lessons and I would mimic the dances being taught. And while my 2 sisters eventually gave up dance lessons to pursue other interests, I stuck with it. For 18 years I stuck with it. Through years of recitals, sequins, rehearsals, bruises, fatique, and performances.

I wasn’t always the best, nor did I have some of the natural flexibility and skill that some of my fellow dancers had. But I had plenty of passion for my art. I loved performing for a crowd. I loved the way the collaboration of music and dance made me feel. I loved that dance allowed me to become someone or something else. And I loved that through dance I could express my innermost thoughts when words would not allow me to.

The past ten years of dance have been a little different. In fact there were long periods of time when I was pursuing my education that I didn’t take my dance shoes out of their bag. Not because I had lost my desire to dance but because finding a good class or the time was near impossible. Unless you are lucky enough to perform on a professional level, classes as an adult are often more simplistic in nature and less challenging. And yet I was always searching. Fortunately in Salt Lake there have been opportunities. I have taken classes through Repertory Dance Theatre’s Community School, enjoyed the occasional class at Gold’s Gym, and for the past 3 years my friend, Shirene, has taught a great adult class at a studio in Taylorsville. I even spent some time performing at Disney World. Probably as close to a professional dance job as I will ever get.

For the past 3 years I have also started teaching dance on a part-time basis. I knew I couldn’t perform forever (bathroom performances excluded) and this is a way for me to continue doing something I love and sharing it with the next generation. Why all the sappy reminscing? I suppose it is because for 28 years I have been a dancer. I suppose it may be the realization that although dance is and always will be a big part of me, I don’t have the desire I once had to make it the central theme in my life. Defining myself by one thing doesn’t give an accurate portrayal of who I am. I am a new wife, a future mother, a travel enthusiast, a marketing professional, a motorcycle babe, an amateur blogger, reality tv junkie, AND I am a dancer.

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  1. Erin  on June 16th, 2009

    Cool blog you have here! I am glad I found it!

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