What Color is Your Heaven?

I teach the 4-5 year old primary class at my church. They are a fun and lively group and occasionally something I say actually sinks in. I’m used to getting random comments to questions and really having to coach them to say something that even remotely resembles the answer I am looking for. The more common response is “I had chicken wings for dinner” or maybe something that happened at home that I’m sure their parents don’t want me to know about. If you have ever been around a small child you have an idea what I’m talking about.

Today I was talking to them about Heaven and what they think it is like. I asked them if they think we we all have wings and just fly around like angels. They laughed at that and then informed me what Heaven is really like.

C: “I bet it is all blue.”

F: “I bet it is peach. Even though my favorite color is pink.”

Whatever the color, I hope they all make it there. And I hope they serve chicken wings.

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