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Snapshot Sunday – I’ll Have A Little Hot Chocolate With My Cream

Mr. S and I are taking turns planning one date a month where we do something, or go somewhere, we have never been. Last night was my turn. I chose dinner at the Beehive Tea Room. During Sundance there is even live music from 7-9pm. This picture isn’t the best, but you can still see the ridiculous amount of whip cream that accompanied my hot chocolate. And by ridiculous, I mean decadent. I drank every last drop.

Snapshot Sunday – When Life Hands You Lemons, Eat Ice Cream

This was one of those weekends where a lot of my plans fell through. Twice my plans to do some celebrity stalking at the Sundance Film Festival got canceled, and then my plans to go skiing in the afternoon were thwarted by weather and a cop without a sense of humor. Something about chains and him not allowing me to drive up the canyon without them. Stupid formality. So my friend Sharlee and I did the next logical thing – we went for frozen yogurt at Red Mango. Funny thing is, the same thing happened to us last year. Though that time we got all the way to the ski resort before they turned us away because the resort was closing early due to weather. And that day we also went Red Mango. So now it has become tradition – if we plan a ski day and aren’t allowed to do so, we are going for fro yo and treat ourselves.

Snapshot Sunday – Just An Average Day At The Dog Park

Kingston loves the dog park and so we make sure that every weekend we are home he gets to spend some time there. He comes home pretty exhausted. He always needs a bath upon his return but lately the dirt that follows him home has increased dramatically once snow became part of the equation.

Snapshot Sunday – I’m Making Waffles

One of my favorite things about the weekend is having the time to make a real breakfast. I love waffles and now that church is at 11am for the next year I can make them on Saturday AND Sunday.

Snapshot Sunday – Christmas Blow-Up Graveyard

It is no secret that I hate Christmas inflatables and all they stand for. Just read my post from last year in case you need a reminder. So despite all the fun Mr. S and I had this weekend spending Christmas in a cabin away from home, and despite all the great pictures we have of Kingston either sleeping or running around in the snow, this is the picture that I am sharing with you this week. I would like to think that the owners of this house are embarrassed by what they have done, but if they were they probably wouldn’t have over 15 inflatable lawn decorations polluting the rest of the small town in which they live. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas weekend. Preferably without a 6-foot tall snow globe dancing in your yard.

Snapshot Sunday: The Good Old Days

One of my favorite memories as a kid was making a big bowl of popcorn and sitting down to watch a movie. And I’m not talking about microwave popcorn. I’m talking about warm, fresh, air-popped corn with melted butter drizzled all over it. I always looked for the kernals that were yellow and maybe a little soggy from the butter. Okay, a lot soggy. And I’m sure I never used a napkin. I licked my fingers clean. Didn’t want to waste any of that butter or salt that had settled at the bottom of the bowl.DSC01450Well, the fun of greasy fingers is back. Mr. S and I purchased a great popcorn maker recently and decided to put it to the test this weekend. Saturday night we watched The Proposal and Julie & Julia. And because we loved it so much, we made more popcorn tonight. Looks like the microwave kind will only be making appearances at the office from now on.

Snapshot Sunday – Always Room For J-E-L-L-O

Let’s give a big warm welcome to Snapshot Sunday. (Imagine my best Oprah voice yelling, Snapshot Sundaaayyy!!) This will be a new, weekly addition to the blog- a simple picture depicting something, someone, or some thought from the weekend.jelloThis week’s snapshot is brought to you my by church Christmas party. If anyone needed any more proof that Mormons love their jello, here you go.