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Small and Super Things #5

It has been a while since my last Small and Super Things post, and as I am making preparations to head out of town for a family reunion I am starting to get excited for the next few days. Sadly, Mr. S can’t say the same. Spending time with extended family is not his idea of a good time. I’m pretty sure he would rather have a root canal. But he knows it’s important to me and that I love spending time with my family, so he puts on a good face. Well…actually, a sour one. But he goes. Even if it’s begrudgingly.

1- My noisy family. All of us, including 18 kids, will be trekking to our cabin for the next few days. Even my brother and his family who live in Taiwan are here!

2- Smores. Enough said.

3-Road trip!!!! I could add more exclamation points, but that might get annoying.

4-No work. Better yet, I am starting a new job when we get back.

5- Ending the trip celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary. This portion of the trip will be far, far away from the noisy family and 18 kids.

I’m hoping Mr. S can come up with his own list by the time we get home, but I’m pretty sure numbers 1-5 will center around the same theme: Being back home away from Robyn’s noisy family. And if he still doesn’t have something to smile about, there is always that root canal.

Small and Super Things #4

I am off on my first long distance motorcycle ride over the 4th of July weekend. Work has been crazy and I need a couple days off. I also need a dose of Small and Super Things. And when I need it, you all benefit. Enjoy and have a great holiday weekend.

1- The 4th of July. Besides my birthday and Christmas, this is my favorite holiday. Fireworks, Neil Diamond and Patriotism. Any questions?

2-Only one week until my birthday. Gifts are still being accepted. Cash is okay too.

3-Discovering two new flavors of Extra Fruit Sensations gum.

4-Cuddling with Kingston. And Mr. S.

5-Neighbors apologizing for past transgressions. Does this mean I need to tone down the “passionate lovemaking?”

Small and Super Things #3

1- Made my first strawberry-rhubarb pie with a homemade crust to boot. And it didn’t suck!

2- A lazy Sunday afternoon eating above said pie for lunch. That’s right, nothing but pie.

3- Another season of SYTYCD has begun. If you aren’t sure what that means I may have to rethink our friendship. And if you do know what that means, and we don’t know each other, I may have to consider a new friendship.

4- My first solo motorcycle ride.

5- Almost 10 months of wedded bliss.

Small and Super Things #2

I hate thieves. I also hate the Fast and the Furious franchise, but that’s a blog for another time.

We have had a few car break-ins and even a condo burglarized in our neighborhood over the past few months. Though we are great at breaking into our own house, it was not us!

But last night we did fall victim to the thievery going on. Mr. S’ truck was broken into and for that reason alone I need to find a happy place. And since there is no way I will make it to Disneyland in the next 24 hours, I am counting on ‘small and super things’ getting me through.

1- Lunch with friends.

2- Seeing Wicked for the second time. (This happened on Sunday, but I’m still flying high.)

3- Knowing my new puppy could be born any day now.

4-Finding out the motorcycle rainsuit that was stolen, and originally cost $75, is now on sale for only $47.99.

5-Going shopping for pretty dresses.

The thieves weren’t completely inconsiderate. In exchange for what they took, they left a pack of cigarettes. See how good I am at finding the silver lining?

Small and Super Things #1

I started today off feeling pretty good about things. The sun was shining, there were baked goods in the breakroom, and despite leaving the braid in my hair from yesterday I still look good. What can I say, spring agrees with me. Then I managed to erase a whole lot of very important information from clients’ files. And by erase, I mean deleted. Irretrievable. Gone into a dark abyss never to return. Yay me!

Through another friend’s blog, I have recently been acquainted with Grace in Small Things. I like the idea of finding the small and simple things to be grateful for in everyday life. I once tried to keep a gratitude journal at the request of Oprah, but I’ve never been great at writing with an actual pen into a book. Thank goodness for blogging. It’s like I’m keeping a journal, but with none of the writer’s cramp.

So since today has only gone downhill, I am going to focus on the positive and turn this day around. Don’t count on this being a daily entry but on days when I manage to make a big mistake at work or have another craptastically good day, you will find another dose of Small and Super Things waiting to be read. Comments don’t hurt either.

1- A new flavor of gum: Berry Pearadise.

2-Only 87 more days till my birthday!

3-I still have my job…so far.

4-Spending the weekend being productive and enjoying Easter dinner with my family.

5. The sun is still shining.

As long as #5 is going on, I can’t stay upset at myself for long.