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When Jury Duty Happens To Good People

Since the whole country is reeling from the recent not guilty verdict handed down in the Caylee Anthony murder trial it got me reflecting on my own experience as a member of a jury. Like many of you, I received my notice for jury duty convinced that it would amount to nothing. And even if on the rare instance I was actually required to report for jury duty, I wouldn’t be chosen or the case would be dismissed. I planned on being back to work by lunchtime. The exact opposite happened. I was required to report, chosen and soon found myself as Juror #2 in a rape case that would last the duration of the week.

Initially I was not pleased. I didn’t want to miss a week of work, I wouldn’t be able to talk about the case with anyone, and I would have to dress up every day. There is no casual Friday in jury duty. But as I saw the Justice System at work and was able to take part I found the experience to be quite rewarding. I also really enjoyed having a room full of people stand up for me every time I entered or exited the room.

My personal opinion is that Casey Anthony is guilty, but I can see how a jury would come back with a non guilty verdict. Without compelling evidence and if there is even a shred of doubt, a jury has no choice but to let a defendant go free. This was how I approached my own experience. I listened to both sides and did my best to show no emotion, even though there were times I wanted to. Especially when the victim had to recount her experience. It was all I could do not to run up to the witness stand and give her a hug. But when it came time to deliberate I had to push my emotions aside and look at the facts only. Unfortunately for the defendant my fellow jurors and I found him guilty.

When it was all over we were able to spend a couple of hours talking to the judge and getting a history of the case. We were also able to talk to the lawyers and find out even more. The most rewarding part was being able to meet with the victim afterwards and see the relief on her face. I also was able to give her the hug I so desperately wanted to in the court room.

It’s Never Too Late To Announce Good News

Little Harley is getting very close to her 2 month birthday. How time flies! But before I write a post about how traumatized I am from watching her get poked multiple times for the dreaded 2 month shots I am finally getting her birth announcements finished. And thanks to Shutterfly it was quite easy. I’m not sure why it took me so long. Looking forward to using them a lot more in the future.

Stationery card
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Feels Like We’ve Been Here Before

If you get a Christmas card from me this year and it sounds negative and bitter, it’s because 2010 has not been kind to us. Don’t get me wrong, I am working every day to see the glass half full but this year continues to challenge my optimism and patience like no year ever has. I’m still hoping for a change of luck so if when things turn around I will keep you and my Christmas card recipients posted.

Why the doom and gloom? Would you believe that Mr. S had to have surgery on his leg again only days after he lost his job? I know, right? How much is one great looking couple asked to endure in one year? And it’s only July.

Thank goodness we were able to go on our motorcycle trip and enjoy one month of summer without incident. Thank goodness for awesome neighbors who have kept us well fed. Thank goodness for Oreos. Without them I would be 5 lbs lighter but cope a  little less. Pass the milk.

It All Started With A Mouse

Today is the 55th Anniversary of one of my favorite places – Disneyland! I, of course wasn’t there on opening day. Though wouldn’t have that been the greatest?I do remember being there for the 35th, 40th, 45th, 50th. Not on the actual day, but sometime during the anniversary years. And after 4 trips to Disney World, including the 7 months I worked there, I think I’ve hit some of WDW anniversaries too. I don’t always consciously choose to go to celebrate the milestones, but I go often enough that it has just worked out. My name is Robyn, and I am a Disney-oholic. It has been 2 years since my last visit. Though I have no intention of earning my 3 year chip. In keeping with tradition I will be going later this year.

I came across a great video on the Disney Parks blog showing footage from opening day 55 years ago. Take a look and celebrate with Walt Disney on his big day.

She Found It!

Last year I wrote my mom a birthday post. I wrote a list of some of the great things she has taught me, and I may or may not have gotten a little emotional while writing it. That’s how I roll. In that post I alluded to my mom’s tech savviness:

Finding the link to my new blog is going to take at least another 6 months. And then finding this particular post…well, that could take years!

Well, wouldn’t you know, I received a call from my mom the other night telling me she had read my blog and by some gift from God (or WordPress) she found that particular post. Only took 15 months. She enjoyed it so much she printed off a copy, which was probably a good idea if she ever wants to read it again. Looks like I have only further cemented my status as the favorite child.

There’s More Than One Way To Mow The Lawn

As I mentioned in my last post I am very excited for summer. Summer means BBQs, swimming pools, pedicures, and my birthday. Only 9 more days for those of you keeping track.

As more and more TV commercials are targeted toward summertime activities and holidays, I was reminded of a favorite of mine from last year. This commercial comes from the UK but you will most likely recognize similarities to the American version airing this year. But with fewer innuendos. Which is really too bad since they are what make the commercial so ridiculous. And by ridiculous I mean AWESOME!

I give you Mow the Lawn. You’ll never look at hygiene the same way again.

Momma Said There Would Be Days Like This, But What About An Entire Season

Summer is here and I couldn’t be happier. Mainly because Mr. S and I had such a painful (Mr. S’ broken leg,) eventful (then I had surgery,) and uneventful (recovery blows) spring and I am ready to put that season to rest and move on to all of the fun things we have planned for the next few months. We are both feeling good and ready to take on all the warm weather we have been gifted in the last couple of weeks. And now that my blog is back up and running (thanks to @ashbuckles) I can also keep you, my devoted fans, in the know. You guys are so lucky!!

This past weekend was one I need more of – fish tacos from Lonestar Taqueria, a night at the temple with Mr. S, and a picnic in the canyon. It was Mr. S’ brilliant idea to pack up our Sunday dinner and take a drive. We ended up in Big Cottonwood Canyon and found a great little secluded spot to enjoy our meal and each others company. And of course our little family picnic wouldn’t have been complete without Kingston.