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The Two Best Years Of My Life

Can’t believe it’s been two years. Our wedding day was pretty memorable and the most fun I’ve had at a wedding. I highly recommend choreographing a dance routine that takes your guests by surprise. Sadly ours did not end up on YouTube, because if it had we would be up to like a gazillion views by now.

I would like to tell you about the great weekend we had celebrating in Park City, but that post will have to wait until next month when we actually go. Yup, surgery still stinks and continues to disrupt my plans. Or at least postpone them

Mr. S has a little something planned for tonight so all is not lost. That is just one of the many reasons why I love him.

When Ice Skating And 30 Year Olds Don’t Mix

Part of being a wife means supporting our husband’s hobbies and new ventures. So when Mr. S decided he wanted to learn to play ice hockey, I didn’t object. Besides, I had been trying to get him to try some winter activities and convince his California upbringing to embrace more of what Utah has to offer. And I think he may have been inspired by watching the recent Winter Olympics.

Mr. S was told he would need to learn to ice skate first before he could sign up for the ice hockey class. There were no adult classes available until May and not wanting to delay his new talent any longer, Mr. S swallowed his pride and signed up for skating lessons in a class of six year olds. How are the lessons going, you ask? Let’s just say his first lesson was his last. That night we spent 7 hours in the emergency room after Mr. S made a grand exit from the ice rink.Mr. S ended up breaking his fibula in 3 places and dislocating his tibia. The break would later need surgery, which was taken care of with a steel plate, pins and screws. And some good drugs.

This is now Mr. S’ view. Needless to say, he is getting serious cabin fever.

The Plot Thickens…

In case you aren’t up on the recent drama in my life I suggest you read my last post. All caught up? Good.

Many of you suggested I don’t respond and I didn’t. Though if I had I was not planning on starting any kind of cat fight. I am way too good for that. My intention was simply to bring to Miss X’s attention that what she did was sad inappropriate. I think I made my point well enough in my blog post and clearly she got the message. That’s right. Yesterday morning I had ANOTHER Facebook message from Miss X apologizing for her “split decision” to “vent off steam.”

Miss X, if you are reading this (and I think you are) I accept your apology. Please don’t contact me again.

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned Who Writes To Tell Me All About It

I received a disturbing email through Facebook on Friday from someone I have never met. Did you know that people can still send messages to your inbox even if you aren’t “friends?” Now you know.

The email started out friendly enough, “Hi, I keep seeing comments from you on Monica* and Chandler’s* status… and your name caught my eye. So I went to your page, and funny thing… I “dated” your husband about 6 years ago.” Sounds innocent enough, right? Thought maybe she just wanted to say ‘hello’ and leave it at that. Nope. From there it got nasty and she proceeded to tell me how Mr. S had been a “big jerk,” treated her badly, and then never called her again. I won’t get into all the details but I’m not sure why after 6+ years she thought it would be okay to send an email like that to someone she has never met. I can’t even remember most of the guys I dated 6 years ago. Nor do I care to.

From what Mr. S has told me about his past I’m sure it’s true. He wasn’t a saint. We all have a past. Sometimes we treat others badly and make poor judgment calls. But that’s what is great about the past. It’s behind us and we move forward. We learn from our mistakes and we strive to be better. The Mr. S I know is none of the things she accused him of being.

I am debating whether or not I want to respond to her message. I have a lot of sarcastic (and some not so nice) replies milling around in my head, but if I decide to respond I plan on keeping things very diplomatic. Or I can always say the mean things I’ve come up with and end it the same way she ended her message, “Sorry, just had to get that out.” Any suggestions?

*names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Anniversary Catch-Up

So since you faithfully read my blog you should already know that Mr. S and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary just over 2 weeks ago. But what you don’t know is how we celebrated. So I’m about to fill you in…We left the family reunion (see below) on Saturday and instead of driving home like everyone else we decided to spend an extra night in Colorado to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Loving to visit new places I discovered a quaint little town called Glenwood Springs. They brag about having the largest hot springs pool in the country, and maybe even the world, so I thought that sounded like a fun place to go. glenwoodAfter doing some research I found a great hotel, that accepts pets, and booked us a king bed suite complete with whirlpool and fireplace. Didn’t think we would need the fireplace for warmth but it might add to the mood. Wink, wink! When we went to check in the inappropriately dressed, not-so-customer-friendly lady at the desk informed us that the room type we were booked for did NOT accept pets. The conversation went something like this:

“You are booked for a king bed suite but we don’t allow pets in those rooms.” (This was said with a bit of disgust while she eyed Kingston.)

“Oh, when I booked the room online there was no mention that only certain rooms allowed pets.”

“We only accept pets in our ground floor rooms and we are all out of those.”

“Since I have a reservation and that was not clear could you put us somewhere else?”

“We have other rooms available but they don’t accept pets. I can put you in one of those but the dog is not allowed.”

“What do you expect me to do with my dog?” (“Imbecile,” this part was silent but I thought it)

At this point her manager who had a little bit more sense than she did informed her that there was an available room we could use, with Kingston. We made sure he peed on the carpet. Just once.

Once we had the room situation figured out Mr. S and I headed out to dinner. We found a delicious little Mexican restaurant that came highly recommended from Twitter peeps and enjoyed a great meal. After dinner we went back to the hotel to let Kingston out and then changed into our bathing suits and went to spend some time at the hot springs. On our way into town we had noticed a sign pointing the way to Doc Holladay’s grave. Part of the fun when visiting new places is discovering small, random points of interest so on our way out of town the next morning we decided to stop. It ended up being a 1/2 mile hike to the cemetery and once we found his grave we were a bit disappointed to find out the grave is just a marker and no one is sure exactly where is body is. Too funny. But that hasn’t stopped people from adorning his tombstone with fake mustaches, poker chips and mini bottles.

When we got home we exchanged gifts with each other. I have always thought it would be fun to follow the traditional anniversary gifts, which meant this year’s gift had to do with paper. Mr. S bought me “The Grimmerie,” which for those who don’t know is a fantastic book all about the musical, Wicked. I’ve been coveting wanting it for some time. In return I bought Mr. S a great travel book on the Tour de France. Our first year has been full of many fun times and I look forward to many, many more.glenwood3

Has It Really Been a Year?

Happy Anniversary, Baby!dsc09133

Who Are You And What Did You Do With The Handsome Man I Married?

Ever since Mr. S cut off 13 inches of his hair and donated it to Locks of Love, he has been going back and forth about whether or not he wants to grow it back out or shave it off. Such extremes. I wouldn’t choose either option. Though when he first cut his hair off I did find myself missing it a little. His latest fixation has been getting a mohawk. I am okay with this if done right. And by done right I mean a more stylized faux-hawk where hair product is applied daily. Mr. S’ idea of doing it right is to get a haircut like Chuck Liddell. Which I thought was a very, very bad idea.

Last night I went out to dinner with my two sisters and I came home to this.dsc01183dsc01184
Did I mention we are planning on going to my high school reunion on Saturday? Definitely not one of his finer moments. Not sure if this is his way to ensure we don’t have a baby anytime soon. But if it is, it’s working. In the meantime I am going to imagine his long flowing hair from our wedding day or the short cut he was sporting just yesterday. Those were good times. And if that doesn’t work at least there is no need to use birth control.