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Extreme Makeover-Bedroom Edition

I spent years living in apartments with the same stale, white walls. So when I bought my condo it was worth the extra money to have it painted. I was only able to choose one color so I had to go with something neutral that would go with everything. Still a much better option than white. Even that wasn’t enough to stop me from wanting to do more.

After going bold and painting the entire office orange, “Jubilee” to be exact, I kept things more subdued when painting one of the walls in our bedroom. With a splash of character added to it of course. I am proud of the outcome and have to thank Mr. S for helping out with all the taping. Perfectly spaced 4-inch stripes are no picnic.

bedroom wall

I’ve Come So Far, I Can’t Remember Where I’ve Been

When Mr. S first suggested I get my own motorcycle I had some reservations. I love thrills but this was a thrill of a different nature. I would be putting myself in the line of distracted drivers, talking on their cell phones, eating, screaming at children, and hoping they were paying enough attention to notice me. The results could be deadly. Worse, what if I didn’t like it? I have always enjoyed riding on the back of his bike, but would I enjoy being on my own bike? What if I got so nervous riding that I became a danger to myself? I started to doubt myself. Which is so unlike me.

I will admit the first time Mr. S took me on the freeway all the doubts and all the fears got the better of me. Going 65 mph in busy traffic terrified me and I kept pulling over thinking I would just stay there and wait for traffic to die down. Luckily I have a husband who knows me better. And sometimes I just need a little push. I made it home that day in time for dinner, without having to wait for traffic to disappear.

My friend, Sarah, filmed this clip a few weeks back when I was riding home from work by myself for the first time. That day I was nervous riding home on State Street. After our trip to Idaho over the 4th of July I am officially a motorcycle loving fool. I never want to ride over Teton Pass again in the freezing rain, but if I have to I know I can do it. I’m also pushing more than 65 mph now. But in case my parents and anyone having anything to do with writing speeding tickets is reading this, I am keeping quiet.

I Am a Dancer and So Much More

For as long as I can remember I have been a dancer. Before I was old enough to start lessons of my own, my mom would take me with her to my older sisters’ lessons and I would mimic the dances being taught. And while my 2 sisters eventually gave up dance lessons to pursue other interests, I stuck with it. For 18 years I stuck with it. Through years of recitals, sequins, rehearsals, bruises, fatique, and performances.

I wasn’t always the best, nor did I have some of the natural flexibility and skill that some of my fellow dancers had. But I had plenty of passion for my art. I loved performing for a crowd. I loved the way the collaboration of music and dance made me feel. I loved that dance allowed me to become someone or something else. And I loved that through dance I could express my innermost thoughts when words would not allow me to.

The past ten years of dance have been a little different. In fact there were long periods of time when I was pursuing my education that I didn’t take my dance shoes out of their bag. Not because I had lost my desire to dance but because finding a good class or the time was near impossible. Unless you are lucky enough to perform on a professional level, classes as an adult are often more simplistic in nature and less challenging. And yet I was always searching. Fortunately in Salt Lake there have been opportunities. I have taken classes through Repertory Dance Theatre’s Community School, enjoyed the occasional class at Gold’s Gym, and for the past 3 years my friend, Shirene, has taught a great adult class at a studio in Taylorsville. I even spent some time performing at Disney World. Probably as close to a professional dance job as I will ever get.

For the past 3 years I have also started teaching dance on a part-time basis. I knew I couldn’t perform forever (bathroom performances excluded) and this is a way for me to continue doing something I love and sharing it with the next generation. Why all the sappy reminscing? I suppose it is because for 28 years I have been a dancer. I suppose it may be the realization that although dance is and always will be a big part of me, I don’t have the desire I once had to make it the central theme in my life. Defining myself by one thing doesn’t give an accurate portrayal of who I am. I am a new wife, a future mother, a travel enthusiast, a marketing professional, a motorcycle babe, an amateur blogger, reality tv junkie, AND I am a dancer.

Biker Babe


Mr. S has been riding motorcycles since he was 15. We even met on a motorcycle ride. I showed up with one guy and later that night was going out with the man who would become my future husband. Yeah, that’s how I roll.

After spending almost the last 2 years riding on the back, I brought home my own bike over the weekend; a 2004 Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic. Okay, Mr. S brought home the bike. But it is mine. I just have to learn how to ride it first. Because other than the few times I have maneuvered a scooter I have absolutely no experience. Once I take the motorcycle safety course, pass the written test and have my motorcycle license in hand, I will put on my pink, sparkly, butterfly helmet and become an official biker babe. And I intend to make it look good!