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While Elite Athletes Were Doing Their Thing At The Olympics, I Was Getting Fat

Hi there. Miss me?

Sorry for my absence but for the last 2 weeks I’ve been planted on my couch every night watching a lot of this:

A lot of this:
And a whole lot of this:
Er…sorry, he’s just so adorable. I meant a lot of this: It has been a wonderful 2 weeks with the USA winning a record number of medals for a Winter Olympic Games, but all that couch potato-ing has got me into a little bit of trouble. I have always considered myself fairly active and even though I tend to carry about 10 more pounds than I would like I never considered it an issue. Until now. My company has decided to start a fitness challenge starting today. To make it fair we are focusing on fat percentage instead of pounds lost. AOL has even received word of our little competition, which you can read about here.

I planned on participating from the start mainly to be a part of the office camaraderie, but after having my fat percentage officially tested in the Bod Pod I am much more of a contender that I would of thought. I think a lot of us in the office were surprised with the results, while a select few couldn’t stop bragging about the fact that they can eat whatever they want. To that I say, eat your cookies and your pizza, tempt me if you think it will make you feel better, but I plan on sticking this out for the full 3 months and taking a shiny new toy home with me when the final results come in. But if you see me curled up in the fetal position gnawing on a carrot, throw me an Oreo or two.

Flip Flop Challenge: My Lips are Sealed!

When I was in school parent-teacher conferences often went like this:

“Robyn is a really good student, if only she would talk less.”

In high school, I was once even accused of being at fault for another student’s failure. My teacher said I was too entertaining and distracting to my friend and that is why she failed. I’m pretty funny when I want to be. And for the record I passed the class.

Where am I going with all of this? Well, for the first time when someone asks me to “shut-up” I am going to oblige. And no, icicles are not forming in Hell. I just happened to come across some very good advice and I am going to apply it to the fitness challenge I am currently taking part in. Since reading this article I have decided that I will no longer give weekly updates as to my progress. I won’t be telling you that I have made it to the gym two mornings this week, plus a dance class. And I won’t be telling you that I am down another pound. But I will let you know when I have won.

Flip Flop Challenge: Week 5

So far the contest is going as follows: Procrastination – 1, Robyn – 0. And if I don’t kick it into gear soon procrastination will continue to win. I didn’t give an official update last week because there was nothing to report. I have made no progress over the last couple of weeks. I guess it could be worse. I could be gaining weight, but remaining stagnant is not going to win me a new pair of shoes. And I love shoes. I need shoes. With a new puppy on the way, free shoes would be even better.

For me the hardest part is getting to the gym. I seem to find too many reasons why I shouldn’t go, or in the case of potential morning workouts, why it’s best if I just stay in bed. I can always go after work, right? Oh but then I’m too tired, or have too much to do, or just want to go home and relax, or spend some time with Mr. S. See why I have a problem? Instead of going as planned, I say I will go later, or tomorrow, or never. My name is Robyn Storms and I am a procrastinator.

A friend posted this quote on Facebook, “You can’t get much done by starting tomorrow.” Truer words have never been spoken. Sadly I have a busy weekend ahead and I know I won’t make it the gym the rest of the week. But next week I’m jumping back in the game. And I’m hoping all that jumping pays off .

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

When we started our flip-flop challenge, I already knew Sarah was competitive. I also love a good contest so clearly we are kindred spirits. How else do you explain how we managed to turn a tasty pudding treat into the face-off of the year, complete with judges?

So far both sides have played fair. Until now. I had my doubts that the giant Rice Krispie treat she gave me after my lasik surgery was a sincere gesture. She knew I couldn’t work out for a week after surgery and it would be the perfect ploy to send a few extra calories my way. Was she trying to fatten me up a little? (p.s. Sarah, it didn’t work. I gained nothing!) Now I have proof of her diabolical plan.

Maybe she didn’t notice that I was being so gracious and sharing my treat. Two can play at this game.

Flip Flop Challenge: Week 2- Even Steven

After a much better second week I am happy to report I am back to my starting weight after loosing the pound I gained during week 1. Not phenomenal success but an improvement.

I had a lot going on and missed my regular dance class on Wednesday, but made up for it by attending my kick boxing class the next day. I call it ‘mine’ but truth be told I haven’t been in months. I love this particular kick box class, but since getting married I have only attended a handful of times. The last one being months ago. As a result I was expecting an ass kicking. Luckily it was much like riding a bike. I was good to go once the music, the adrenaline and my need to get physical kicked in. Pun totally intended. Plus I get very competitive at the gym. Some of those ladies are much older than me and if they can do it so can I!  Others I don’t worry about. I know I could take them if we ended up in a bar fight

Flip Flop Challenge: Week 1

I am a day late posting this update, and I would like to say it was because I was so busy working out at the gym. Not the case. In fact the past week has been full of friends and family visiting for Mr. S’ graduation. Which in turn equaled more eating out than one person should do in a week. It all started with the drunken chicken from a new local favorite of mine, Bohemian Brewery, that I had the night of graduation. And damn them for bringing me an extra basket of bread! It was all very delicious going down, but when I weighed in yesterday I saw the results of so much celebratory dining. It wasn’t pretty. I gained a pound.

It could have been a lot worse. I was pretty sure the fruit crepes I ate Saturday morning would have added 3 lbs on their own. Not to mention the popcorn I had at the movie later than night. Not good! In my defense I didn’t eat dinner that night and I did share the buttery delight with my mom-in-law.

My coworker also had a rough first week, so we have decided that week one was the week we thought about the fitness challenge. I started week two on a much more promising note; an early morning workout. I have the aching muscles to prove it.

Flip Flop Challenge: The Kickoff!

My workmate, Sarah, mentioned yesterday that she was going to stop eating so much sugar and work on losing a couple pounds. I told her ‘good for you’ and took another bite of my mint brownie. Then somehow, within a matter of minutes, it became something we would do together. What!?

I suppose it’s good timing. Bikini season is almost upon us and I have been wanting to pick up my game at the gym. I do need to eat less sweets. And if a pretty prize is involved (we decided the loser buys the winner a cute new pair of flip flops) I could probably handle it. Fine. I’ll do it. I love a challenge and I can totally take her! Plus when I win I get new shoes.

Our first weigh-in was this morning and every Tuesday for the next 3 months. Having a blog is a great place to chart my progress and you can all hold me accountable. Sadly someone in the office ate the healthy Lean Cuisine I brought for lunch and I was forced to go for fast food. Week 1 is not starting off very well. But if you have suggestions on how to take the fat, calories and sugar out of ice cream and oreos I would be forever grateful.