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Because We’re Yankee Fans, That’s Why!

One of my favorite nephews (yes I have favorites) recently received a gift from his grandparents who had just returned from a trip to New England. This particular gift was a hat with nothing but a large letter “B” on the front. This gift was obviously not from my parents, because they know better, but his maternal grandparents who apparently don’t.  The gift exchange went something like this.

Grandma: “Kaden, we brought you back something.” (Said while pulling out aforementioned hat.)

Kaden: “What does the “B” stand for?

G: “Boston.”

K: “Boston Red Sox?! Yuck!” (Said while slamming hat to the ground.) “We’re Yankee fans!”

Kaden is only 7 years old, and in my opinion a boy genius . This only further proves my point. He is even in an accelerated math class. And math is hard!

Puppy Love

Oh my gosh! Look at that face! Isn’t he beyond adorable?

king1It seems like only yesterday (May 5 to be exact) that we found out our new puppy had been born. We decided on a name early on and got our home ready for his arrival. This past weekend we were finally able to bring Kingston home and make him part of our family. We had to travel in a hail storm to Idaho to pick him up, but it was all worth it.

Kingston is quickly becoming the most popular pup in the neighborhood and gets a lot of ‘oohs’ whenever we go for a walk. Not that I would expect anything different. So apologies for the shortage of blogs this week. I have had very little sleep and am adjusting to life with a newborn.

10 Things I Love About Mom!

My mom turns 70 today. Though she doesn’t look a day over 60. I don’t feel bad displaying her age because I’m pretty certain she won’t be reading this post. Not because she isn’t a good mom, but because she just figured out how to attach a picture to an email. Finding the link to my new blog is going to take at least another 6 months. And then finding this particular post…well, that could take years!

On the outside we are two very different people. But at closer glance she has influenced me more than I probably dare admit. As a tribute to my mom on her special day, I have compiled a list of things that I appreciate about her, inspire me, or simply make me laugh. So whether she reads this or not…Happy Birthday, Mom!

*Never leave for school/work without a hot breakfast, and enjoy a snack once you get home.

*Some people actually do drive under the speed limit.

*Never get into an unmade bed

*Triple checking to see if you made a mistake writing a check or if you left a light or other switch on will never change the outcome.

*The Yankees are still the best team in baseball even if the past few years have said otherwise.

*Persistence may not always result in the outcome you hoped for, but at least you can say you did all you could.

*Travel, travel, travel!

*Supporting your kids means so much more than just attending dance recitals.

*Every suit needs a pair of matching heels.

*Love can last forever.

Love you, Mom!