10 Things I Love About Mom!

My mom turns 70 today. Though she doesn’t look a day over 60. I don’t feel bad displaying her age because I’m pretty certain she won’t be reading this post. Not because she isn’t a good mom, but because she just figured out how to attach a picture to an email. Finding the link to my new blog is going to take at least another 6 months. And then finding this particular post…well, that could take years!

On the outside we are two very different people. But at closer glance she has influenced me more than I probably dare admit. As a tribute to my mom on her special day, I have compiled a list of things that I appreciate about her, inspire me, or simply make me laugh. So whether she reads this or not…Happy Birthday, Mom!

*Never leave for school/work without a hot breakfast, and enjoy a snack once you get home.

*Some people actually do drive under the speed limit.

*Never get into an unmade bed

*Triple checking to see if you made a mistake writing a check or if you left a light or other switch on will never change the outcome.

*The Yankees are still the best team in baseball even if the past few years have said otherwise.

*Persistence may not always result in the outcome you hoped for, but at least you can say you did all you could.

*Travel, travel, travel!

*Supporting your kids means so much more than just attending dance recitals.

*Every suit needs a pair of matching heels.

*Love can last forever.

Love you, Mom!

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